from by tomo takino



If I
could I
if I

when we were kids
it seemed so easy
the shapes of our bodies
traced a boundless horizon

why am i so fraught with terror
when i see my own ghost
haunt the empty site
i used to call my home

if i was
if i was

you don't see me
you don't see me
but I see you

closer than you've ever been
pixel by cold lifeless pixel

decompose yourself,
the boundaries between you and i
(--------------, unfold)

a million miles away
but still together
kiss me through the phone
my body is your home

i wanna feel you there
neither dead nor alive
replicate endlessly
an image as my afterlife

if i could
if i was

decompose yourself, unfold
boundaries between you and i
between you and i
decompose yourself, unfold
the boundaries between you and i
fragile like,
fragile like eggshell

decompose yourself
decompose yourself
wither away like eggshell


from The Colony, released October 13, 2018


all rights reserved



tomo takino Death Valley Junction, California

But each fragment reveals the rose from a different angle, he remembered, but delta swept over him before he could ask
himself what that might mean.

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