Unwanted, Unwarrented

by smogcat



collection album of greatest misses and biggest failures



released August 3, 2016

thanks to everyone who got me this far




tomo takino San Francisco, California

But each fragment reveals the rose from a different angle, he remembered, but delta swept over him before he could ask
himself what that might mean.

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Track Name: Unwanted
Riah PY
Poetry is life I like to paint pictures with words.
May 8, 2015
It hurts the most
It hurts the most
When the person
That made you feel special yesterday
Makes you feel unwanted today.
Track Name: Telepath
My name is Jake Woods.. now i've been going over whether to even ask this or actually talk about this for awhile now. but i just wanna get somebody else's opinion before i lose my mind. but get the sense that as i watch live television broadcasts(i.e. any sports games, sportscenter, jimmy kimmel, jimmy fallon) i can send my thoughts to whom ever i choose on the screen at the time. The only reason i actually think of myself being able to do something as crazy as this is just the reactions i see on the faces im "talking" to.. or ill hear them say something that makes me think, holy shit can they really hear me?.. I'm sure a lot of you on here will dismiss this as crazy, but if you've ever had the same experience or have anything helpful to say please say it... i like to think i'm a normal person but i just cant get my head wrapped around this,
Track Name: Cold-Hearted
cold hearted snake girl
Track Name: Streets of Shame
My girlfriend found out, she was in tears and I felt bad, in fact I felt like a monster. Now after feeling bad, I also felt a sense of power, that a guy like me who was an incel growing up could bring such a beautiful woman to tears. That the same kind of girl who would have rejected me growing up was now in tears because I would not commit to her. I felt important, so many people actually cared about what I did and what was going on in my life. No one cared about me as much before I cheated on her.
Track Name: Sunken Palace (Floating in a Pool of Motor Oil)
pants: warghahrhghag
deuce: del c:/windows/system32
Track Name: All That Rises Must Converge
Time has come now to stop being human
Time to find a new creature to be
Be a fish or a weed or a sparrow
For the earth has grown tired and all of your time has expired
Track Name: Ghosts of You
"You're in Spirit Now
There's No Longer Any Need to Remain Here
You should Walk Toward the Light, THere are many who will help you.
Don't, Leave, Understand. Let Go."

Let Go (let go).
Out there, figments shamble
whispering, fluttering their neat lashes
exhume an embryo
it hunts in silence

You are what hides there
without a face or skin
You are footprints left behind
In the dark

In here, figures rise up from the sea.
calling me calling me to somewhere beneath
figures rise up from the sea
begging me begging me, set us free
they'll never be at rest
always waiting to be let out of here

You are what hides there
(These Ghosts of You)
without a face or skin
(These Ghosts of You)
You are footprints left behind
(These Ghosts of You)
In the dark

(These ghosts of you)

"There's no Longer any Need to Remain Here"

You are what hides there
(These Ghosts of You)
without a face or skin
(These Ghosts of You)
You are footprints left behind
(These Ghosts of You)
In the dark
Track Name: Yoshi's Safari
As she screamed at the revelation, footsteps came up behind her. “What a slutty self-proclaimed miko we have here...” came a voice behind her. She turned her head and saw a white sleeve in her vision before it disappeared. “You don’t look like much of a miko to me with all that latex and rubber on. In fact, you look like some sort of youma.” came the voice, changing its pitch slightly. “It is fortunate that I happened upon you.” said the voice, now sounding like her own. She looked in the mirror and saw her own face looking at her from over her shoulder.
Track Name: Only Girl
i dont want to set the world on fire
i just want to be your only love
in my heart there is only one desire
i just want to be a real live girl

i try not to struggle
with my fake arteeficial heart beat
off time with this song

if i could breath and speak my restless heavy mind
i could walk along that road there with hands held tight
and lips open wide (ah ha ha ha)

not on fire
i just want to be your only love
in my heart there is only one desire
i just want to be a real live girl

i try not to struggle
with my fake arteeficial heart beat
gone when the power goes off
no reason to worry
my memory won’t last so very long
after this song
Track Name: Unwarrented
Eleanor Kellett
Mar 14
Little things set me alight
Jammed drawers, unwarranted information
Humanity and reality to
They all annoy me
But I keep it in
For I have raged against a machine
And I lost, pieces of myself
Track Name: Proggie the Piggie
please save the pigs, they are friends not food :)
Track Name: Oo Baby
Oo baby baby
Track Name: Gotcha!
Griffin stood silently, watching the waterfall, sensing more than he saw, understanding more than even his senses could tell him. This was, indeed, the Heaven of his dreams, a place to spend the rest of forever, with the wind and the water and the world another place, another level of sensing, another bad dream conjured many long times before. This was reality, an only reality for a man whose existence had been not quite bad, merely insufficient, tenable but hardly enriching. For a man who had lived a life of not quite enough, this was all there ever could be of goodness and brilliance and light. Griffin moved toward the falls.

The darkness grew darker.
Track Name: Smokey the Dancer Goes On at 4
Hey Smokey Listen I know Its Late but I got A gig for yA? Oh yea? Yea It's Down At teh Old Mill you Know it. Yea Man, Ive done some Lines there Before. Oh yea? Well Its A good Payin gig but You Gonna NEed to Dance too. Chief I aint a dancer, I blow Lines. . .

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